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Digital Musician

Study Levels: Postgraduate
Faculty: Dr. Tania Lisboa (course leader) in conjunction with other relevant specialist tutors
Royal College of Music

Dr. Tania Lisboa introduces the course

Digital Musician


There is urgent demand with the current world scenario for advanced digital skills in all areas of knowledge. The same applies to music. This postgraduate module will focus on skills needed by musicians working in the digital age. The course content will explore a range of technology currently available, give an overview of practical applications in music, and discuss research in the field. Furthermore, it will explore the processes involved in dealing with technology and support students in learning how to achieve the desired digital product. Such skills will enhance student employability and career development in the post-pandemic environment.


By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of technology on teaching, performing, composing, and researching in the digital age.
  • Learn how to improve audio and video quality in digital content creation as well as how to reach out to online audiences.
  • Discuss music possibilities of a variety of technologies in their main area of study (i.e., performance, composition, teaching).

This will contribute to acquiring the relevant skills and resourcefulness to make successful careers as professional musicians and educators in the digital age. In sum, students will realise the potential of relevant technologies and digital opportunities in their careers.