Online Code of Conduct

The Global Conservatoire Online Code of Conduct

All Global Conservatoire classes are respectful online spaces. We expect students and staff to acknowledge the opinions of others and learn from each other through respectful discussion and debate.

To help create a positive learning environment for all, we require everyone to follow the Global Conservatoire Online Code of Conduct:

Your Participation

  • Where possible cameras should be kept on using a neutral, blurred or virtual background to encourage positive communication and an engaging environment for all participants. If this is not possible for you, please discuss it with the tutor in advance of the class.
  • As in face-to-face classes, participants should be punctual and appropriately dressed, attending the class in a quiet environment conducive to learning.
  • Microphones should be muted when not actively contributing and students should use the raise hand gesture to attract the tutor’s attention.
  • Headphones should be worn where possible to ensure clear audio for all and to maintain the privacy of participants.
  • Please use your full name and institution as your Zoom display name
  • The chat function should only be used to contribute to conversations relevant to the class. Please avoid distracting chat posts or starting private conversations with individuals.
  • To make the most of your experience and support your peers, ensure you participate fully in all course activities, including all synchronous classes, asynchronous tasks, and active learning activities.

Sharing and Privacy

  • Only the tutor is permitted to record or screenshot the class. Please do not attempt to do either without the knowledge and permission of the tutor.
  • Be careful not to share personal or private information if required to share your screen.
  • Please do not share meeting links with others not enrolled in the class. Recordings, materials and messages shared in the class should be treated as private to those present.

Respectful Communication

  • Please review the course communication information on your course page. This will tell you how to contact a tutor and when to expect a response.
  • All courses are taught in English. To develop an inclusive learning environment, please conduct all conversations, including those with students from your home institution, in English.
  • In an international community, people bring different perspectives. This diversity of experience and thought creates a rich learning environment, but at times it can be challenging. Please acknowledge opinions before differing with them and think about the effect of your comments on others before you post or comment.
  • We expect all communication and content in GC classes and forums to be appropriate, respectful and constructive. If you see or hear anything that upsets or concerns you, please raise it privately with the tutor or another member of GC staff at your home institution.