Courses for Spring 2024

Global Conservatoire courses offered in Spring 2024

Courses with The Royal Danish Academy of Music

  • Aesthetics of Classical Piano Performance – 20th Century Schools, Styles and Trends

    In this course we will examine the aesthetic currents that have led to the eclectic and pluralistic piano performance culture of today.
    The course will give insight into the divergent approaches that characterize today’s music culture and will help you to better understand and formulate your thoughts on differing and sometimes conflicting opinions on interpretation.

    Study Levels: Undergraduate, Postgraduate
    Faculty: Emil Gryesten and guest lecturers from Global Conservatoire partner institutions

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Courses with The Royal College of Music, London

  • Digital Musician

    There is urgent demand with the current world scenario for advanced digital skills in all areas of knowledge. The same applies to music. This postgraduate module will focus on skills needed by musicians working in the digital age. The course content will explore a range of technology currently available, give an overview of practical applications in music, and discuss research in the field.

    Study Levels: Postgraduate
    Faculty: Dr. Tania Lisboa (course leader) in conjunction with other relevant specialist tutors
    Royal College of Music

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Courses with Manhattan School of Music

  • The Underrepresented in Opera

    This class covers the history of opera from the earliest works to the present, considering operas written or performed by underrepresented creators. The content for this course includes works by underrepresented composers/librettists and/or stories about BIPOC, LGBTQ, and woman characters, which would typically be performed by such performers. The chosen repertoire blends canonical works with lesser-known repertoire.

    Course Tutor : Dr. James Massol

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Courses with mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

  • Music and Racism

    This course explores various relations between music and racism, addressing structures in higher music education, questioning racialised expectations on music performance, and exploring hegemonies of musical styles around the world. Departing from a student perspective, we address racist and Eurocentric structures in higher music education, taking a close look on the range of studies and curricula.

    Study Level: Postgraduate
    Faculty : Marko Kölbl, PhD
    mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

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  • Shaping Sound

    Based on the acoustic foundations, this course provides a methodology and hands-on experiments in sound design for a variety of musical applications, using both physical and digital tools. The course is intended for instrumentalists and composers, but can also be attended by students from other fields.

    Having access to a computer, to install and work with Open Source Software (Audacity, Csound, SuperCollider), is a requirement.

    Study Levels: Undergraduate, Postgraduate
    Faculty: Alex Hofmann, PhD
    mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

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Courses with the Conservatorium van Amsterdam

  • Pedagogical Strategies in Digital Music Education

    Teaching with technology, online education and digital
    learning are developing rapidly and are becoming today’s students' essential tools for obtaining information and acquiring education. In this course, we will present educators with a comprehensive guide for designing their own interactive and engaging online music courses.


    Yaniv Nachum

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