Stephanie Probst

Music and Dis/Ability

Trained in musicology and music theory in Vienna, AT, Cremona, IT, Rochester, NY, and Cambridge, MA, Stephanie Probst is Assistant Professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Before returning to Vienna, she held research and teaching positions at the University of Cologne (Juniorprofessorin), University of Cambridge (ERC-Project „Sound and Materialism in the 19th Century“, https://sound-matter.com), University of Potsdam, and at the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

Stephanie’s PhD-dissertation (Harvard University, 2018) investigates intersections between music theory, psychology, and the visual arts in theories of melody in the 1920s, especially in the writings of Ernst Kurth, Ernst Toch, and Heinrich Schenker. A new project considers manual and mechanical forms of musical inscription around 1900 in music rolls for player pianos, melographs, geometrical and artistic transcriptions of music, and notational systems for blind musicians.

Since 2020, Stephanie has been serving as co-organiser of the SMT interest group for the History of Music Theory (https://historyofmusictheory.wordpress.com/ ), having previously co-edited the interest group’s blog. In 2021, she joined the editorial team of the online journal Kunsttexte.de. Recent articles were published in the Journal of Musicology, Music Theory Online, and the Video-Journal of the Society for Music Theory, SMT-V.