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Global Conservatoire courses spring 2023

Courses with The Royal Danish Academy of Music

  • Performance Practicality - historical performance practice on modern instruments

    Are you curious about historical performance practices but want to stay within the performance on modern instruments? Do you want to speak the musical languages of Bach and Mozart in a more fluent way? Do you want to excite your audiences with performances that keep them up at night but still remain respectful to the composer?

    Study Levels: Undergraduate, Postgraduate
    Faculty: Toke Møldrup and Christian Westergaard
    Royal Danish Academy of Music

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Courses with The Royal College of Music, London

  • Is it important to be HiP?

    This course engages you as both a player and listener through four main topics from the world of Historically informed Performance (HiP).

    Study Levels: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
    Faculty: Prof. Ashley Solomon
    Royal College of Music

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  • Digital Musician

    This course will focus on developing skills needed by musicians working in the digital age, by exploring a range of technology, overviewing practical applications in music, and discussing research in the field.

    Study Levels: Postgraduate
    Faculty: Dr. Tania Lisboa
    Royal College of Music

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Courses with Manhattan School of Music

  • Harlem Renaissance

    This course offers students an opportunity to study major works of the Harlem Renaissance, with an emphasis upon literature, and also bolstered by excursions into music and the visual arts.

    Study Levels: Undergraduate
    Faculty: Delano Copprue
    Manhattan School of Music

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Courses with mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

  • Shaping Sound

    Based on the acoustic foundations, this course provides a methodology and hands-on experiments in sound design for a variety of musical applications, using both physical and digital tools. The course is intended for instrumentalists and composers, but can also be attended by students from other fields.

    Study Level: Undergraduate, graduate
    Faculty: Alex Hofmann, PhD
    mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

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